Fret Not

Have you ever wondered why your fingers stick to the strings, or when you put on a shiny new set, they sound dull and not that great?

You could very well be experiencing a slight case of dirty frets. As the featured image shows, the difference between dirty frets, and clean frets, is night and day.

As I said, dirty frets have a tendency to make your fingers stick to the fingerboard, and actually make it harder to slide your fingers nicely along the scale. This is problematic for lead guitarists, as we want to be all over that fingerboard!

Dirty frets will also create some odd effects with the intonation of your beloved axe. The dirt and corrosion on the frets cause the frets to be slightly bigger than normal. This causes the fret your finger is on to create a pitch that is slightly different than expected.

If you think this is odd, you are allowed that opinion, but before you solidify that thought, try to play an old guitar that has tinned frets, and a new set of strings, then play a cleaned one with new strings. Your fingers will thank you.

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